Rob van Westing


Training with Rob guarantees an increased awareness of your behaviour and its effects. “By creating a safe climate, participants dare to hold up a mirror to themselves and confront themselves.” With his qualification as MBTI coach (Myers Briggs Type Indicator, both level I and II), he is able to make the connections between your personal preferred style and the effectiveness of your behaviour. Within Business Impact Training, Rob is involved in many international training and sales assignments.

Rob regularly gives (free) master classes to help managers, employees and directors to continue to grow in their personal development. Upcoming masterclasses include; management and negotiation.

Rob's motto: practice like you've never won and perform like you've never lost!




Dutch and English

Important Projects

  • Adobe Systems, coaching and consulting programmes.
  • Aegon Asset Management, Team Workshops.
  • Linx Datacenter, Management Team Russia and Sales Excellence.
  • Vanderlande Industries, Leadership Saudi Arabia.
  • Wärtsilä, management team coaching and MBTI workshops.

Relevant Training

  • Psychology.
  • HBL Higher Management.

Typical Rob: pragmatic, "can do and will do mentality" and sensitive.