Short and effective coaching

Sometimes employees run into their limits as a result of which they no longer function optimally or are no longer comfortable in their own skin. They suffer from this but don’t know how to change it. In these cases intervention coaching often offers a quick and successful solution. In a few sessions (often 2-4) a permanent change can be realized so that the employee can move on and the return for your organization increases.

For whom is this an appropriate approach?

Intervention coaching can be used in many situations.

  • The employee runs into obstacles that hinder him / her but does not know how to resolve this himself
  • Despite efforts, the employee continues to fall back into old patterns.

The past cannot be changed anymore. The future will. During the sessions there is no guidance or advice from the coach, but support in finding answers and the new direction. Between the sessions, the coachee will focus on the newly found insights and answers.

It is important that the coachee also experiences that the current situation is not optimal and that he / she would like to get started with it. That the coachee is therefore willing to invest in change. Coachees who have participated in this process and also their managers are often surprised by the speed and impact of the coaching.

I learned more about myself in 1.5 hours than in the past 5 years through regular care providers.

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