Permanent performance improvement

Our approach is, through a three-step approach, aimed at “permanent change” with the basis “development in behavior and skills”. After all, a major challenge for many organizations lies in achieving permanent performance improvement. This improvement usually fails if one fails to make an in-depth cause and effect analysis or with the help of appropriate management management fundamental behavioral change .

The first step

  1. What are our (potential) customers missing if our organization is not there?
  2. Which processes do our customers come into contact with, what goes well and what is not yet (fact based)?
  3. How can we guarantee our customers optimal commercial thinking and acting and what does it take to achieve that?
  4. What adds value to every action and what does not (yet)?
  5. Finally, how can we formulate an approach for a visible change / optimization that everyone supports and actively participates in?
  6. Similarly: what should not change?

The second step

  1. For management and employees: translate the information that must be obtained from customer and employee satisfaction surveys into concrete improvement goals and key performance indicators.
  2. With sales: the cycle from prospecting to relationship management, revenue development and margin improvement. From single product-oriented sales to “solution selling”.

The third step

  1. Working together on the desired result for personal development. This requires a coaching style of leadership, management and communication.
  2. If necessary on three levels: refocus strategy, redesign processes and systems in a culture in which all stakeholders are heart and soul involved.
  3. Éducation permanente : the will to excel. This requires timely sharing of knowledge and experience and – just like in top sport – training the desired skills.
  4. Continuing to consistently measure, share and secure progress and business Impact.

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