Leadership and performance management

When you sweep the stairs, you always start from the top. Irrespective of the question or issue, the investigation always starts with executive management. Where do you want to go? Where do you want to be in 3 to 5 years? What prevents you from achieving your goals? What are the difficulties? As a leader, how do you book progress if you don’t know the group’s current position? We recommend that you thoroughly investigate the actual situation of the team, before you try to dictate ad hoc changes. In short; ‘aim before you shoot’.

Clarifying the ambition, fine-tuning the focus!

How many of the imposed changes are achieved with success and within the set deadline?  ‘People don’t mind changing, but they don’t want to be changed’ is a well-known quote. We get all relevant levels of the organisation involved in the change process. In so doing, as a leader you determine the goal, and together we determine the path. Change is therefore a process that is supported and comes from within.

Together we can determine which Business Impact must be achieved. In so doing we specify the desired result level, the required attitudes, skills, and the level of client- or employee satisfaction. Clear goals and a sound marked path!

“With the sales- and management training our company can accelerate and serve our clients even more effectively in terms of the optimisation of their business processes.”

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