Confrontation as medicine

Each process that we oversee is confrontational to the very core, aimed at the observable behaviour, and we excel in holing a mirror up to such behaviour.

From “know how” to “show how”

Whether it involves sales training, strategy development, a cultural change or management training, we have the following goals:

  • Assisting in creating a corporate culture that focuses on ‘show how’ instead of ‘know how’.
  • Encompassing responsibilities at the relevant and appropriate levels within the organisation.
  • Creating intrinsic motivation for behavioural change.
  • The secret to success is the ability to do ordinary things exceptionally well.

Managing behavioural change in your organisation

How well do we manage the mechanisms which are in place in our organisation to guide the team to the best possible results? Do we know and understand our behaviour and the behaviour of our colleagues? Success depends heavily on focus and effective actions. In other words, attitude and behaviour are key in our training programmes!


Why are we asked to intervene?

  • We can assist your organisation on an international level.
  • Our highly experienced trainers are amongst the top trainers in the market.
  • We dare to provide you with business impact assurance.

“We believe strongly in positive confrontation as a means for achieving the full potential.”

Action-learning didactics

Our training programmes are behavioural training programmes with roughly one training day per 3 to 5 weeks. The weekly training takes place in the periods between training days. Practice, practice, practice! One learns best from your own experiences. In the next training day we share the personal – and business impact achieved. This leads to a positive and demanding learning environment in which your personal learning curve is given a boost.

  • Awareness and consideration based on attitude
  • Learning skills
  • Implementation in daily practice
  • Discipline and perseverance!

Phasing: Strength of repetition and practice-based approach

In which situation, with which individual, and when? We answer these questions by providing specific instruments that simplify the actual implementation. Each participant is faced with ‘unconditional demands’, so that he / she is encouraged to seek new challenges and perfect him- or herself continuously. This impetus for movement is of crucial importance at Business Impact.