• People are the distinctive element of any business
  • Personal growth = business impact
  • Programs with measurable results


When you invest in your people, you invest in your organization

The distinctive and unique element within every organization are the people. If you develop them further, you always improve the quality and results of the organization. We specialize in developing people in the broadest sense. Depending on the need, we are happy to develop a suitable program together with the customer, whereby we can also measure the ROI of the investment for the people and for the organization. With this we can really make the Business Impact concrete.

Our solutions

We believe that the solution should be tailored to the person (s) and not the other way around. That is why we always work from the needs and wishes of the customer towards the solution and not with standard programs. On this site you can read about the various elements that we have and that can use to achieve the right program and the desired business impact.

About Business Impact

Business Impact is originally an internationally renowned training agency with behavioral experts. In our trajectories we often went further than just training. We also regularly received development issues or requests from customers for which solutions other than training were required. By constantly further training and developing our people internally and externally and looking for good other partners, we became much more than a training company.

Based on our expertise and contacts, we have developed into an agency that can help with (almost) all people and development-related issues. We are happy to spar with you to see how we can help you or your organization.