How do we work?

We use confrontation as medicine. Every process we supervise is fundamentally confrontational in a positive way, focused on observable behavior and we master mirroring it.

Training is a way to and not a goal

At least that’s our opinion. This attitude also determines our approach. First, in consultation with our client, we will determine the goals that must be achieved and the problems / reasons why the goal has not yet been achieved.

“We strongly believe in positive confrontation as an incentive to get the most out of it.”

Business Impact

Action-learning didactics

Our training courses are behavioral training in which approximately one training day takes place every 3 to 5 weeks. The actual training takes place in the period between training days. Practice, practice, practice! People learn best through their own experiences. In the next training day we share the achieved personal and business impact. This creates a positively demanding learning environment in which your personal learning curve gets a boost. Sequential, power of repetition and practicality. How do you put this or that point into practice?

In what situation, with whom and when? We answer these questions by providing instruments that make it easier to apply. Each participant is subject to “unconditional demands”, so that he / she is encouraged to seek new challenges and continuously perfect themselves. This incentive to movement is of paramount importance at BI. Awareness and consideration on attitude, Learning skills, Implement in daily practice, Discipline and persistence!

From “know how” to “show how

Whether it is sales training, strategic development, cultural change or management training, we have the following goals in mind: Help create a corporate culture focused on “show how” rather than “know how”. Placing responsibilities in the organization at the level where they belong. Creating intrinsic motivation to change behavior. The secret to success is to do ordinary things extremely well.

Experience our approach yourself

Experience our way of training for yourself and sign up for one of our free master classes. We will introduce you to one of our training courses at a prime location. It is the perfect way to experience, together with other managers, entrepreneurs and employees, which training suits your (organization) and to give your skills a boost.