Become a strong team

One of the most important characteristics of a strong team is a jointly behaved, lived and felt “team brand”. A team fire is an essential source of inspiration and motivation that cannot be given to a team by the organization or managers. In other words: a team brand gives direction to the team core values ​​and provides information about how goals are achieved together.

Content team coaching

Questions that come up during team coaching are:

What is our right to exist? What do we want to achieve? What are our shared beliefs, team core values ​​and goals? How do we give concrete shape to this? Which principles, cooperation agreements and (individual) qualities support What are we going to do to monitor our principles, so that agreements are complied with and targets are achieved?

For us as an HR department it is mysterious what the coach has done with the employee, but it works. And that within 2 sessions. Unbelievable.

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