Are you unsure about your change course?

Every leader has doubts from time to time. Change with the circumstances, YES! But with what priorities? What is the right decision and right route forward. 

A great way to get an answer to that is from the HPO structure. HPOs (High Performing Organizations) are long-term oriented and more successful.

How do you create Business Impact?

Every day, especially in these times, we see the big difference at our customers between a healthy organization, which changes quickly with the environment, and their competitors, who are lagging behind.

Quick and good adaptation is important here. In fact, the ability to adapt has never been more important than it is now. But what are the right priorities to improve the results of your organization? Every leader knows those moments of doubt; do we spend our time and money on the right things? From the HPO model and the 5 HPO criteria you can gain insight into which areas your company is already doing well and where there is (much) room for improvement. Where is the pain now and how do you create an HPO and success.

Online dashboard in 1 week.

We map out your organization based on the scientifically validated HPO scan. This HPO scan can also replace an existing employee survey. The client receives the online dashboard within a week.

Not countless consultants, but then learn together to be an HPO.

A large amount of KPI scores is available and the entire organization has a complete cockpit for targeted management and progress measurement of the organization. Including comparison with other Dutch organizations (benchmarking).

We do not mobilize unlimited consultants but we will learn together to become an HPO. Long-term orientation is one of the characteristics of an HPO, we will work with our training company Business Impact to get your people moving. As long as it has to be virtual and live again as soon as possible, but we will continue!

If you want to remove your doubts, just start the scan. It is educational, fun and it puts the change you want anyway in the right context and prioritization.
For the scan and the feedback you should consider an investment of around € 5,000 excluding VAT.

Became curious?

If you want to know more about the scan, a 1: 1 teams session about HPO with Business Impact, fill in your details below. Then we will contact you.