Eveline de Jong


Eveline is a practical, creative trainer with a lot of energy and a passion for the profession. Fascinated by people, communication and behaviour. Driven to let participants, teams and organisations get the most out of their potential. This requires not only empathy, personal attention and connection, but also structure, decisiveness and confrontation. In this way, conscious experience and goal-oriented learning can take place. As a trainer, Eveline works in the fields of communication, culture, management and personal leadership. She has extensive experience in the commercial, public and cultural sectors.

Driven to let participants, teams and organizations get the most out of their potential




Dutch and English

Important Projects

  • AkzoNobel – retail training, sales training, management training
  • ANWB Retail – retailmanagement training
  • DWE ICT – communicatie training, teamcoaching
  • Ordina – trusted advisor training
  • Yokogawa – management training

Relevant Training

  • Culturele en Maatschappelijke Vorming – Hogeschool Rotterdam.
  • Algemene Sociale Wetenschappen – Universiteit Utrecht.

Typical Eveline: Enthusiastic, analytical and connecting