Thomas Fruehwein


Working with Thomas leads always to an increased consciousness about behaviour and attitude. Thomas ensures, that learning is at the same time intense and fun. Everybody gets a helping hand to grow. Thomas is a certified NLP Master Coach and Insights MDI Master. All this are only tools that are used to support people and find ways to trigger their development. Within Business Impact, Thomas is involved in international training assignments. Thomas is also a certified Changemanager and experienced in making use of gamification to jump-start learning Change.




German and English

Important Projects

• BMA, Strategy Retreat
• Just Eat TakeAway, Salestraining
• STEAG Changemanagement Education
• MEYLE, Leadership Program
• Eppendorf, international Leadership Program

Relevant Training

• Business Graduate Economy
• NLP Coach (6 Years)

Typical Thomas: We cannot solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s answers