Motoaki Goto


Motoaki Goto is experienced in Asia Pacific strategic learning and business development Motoaki worked for an international training company as senior consultant for more than 24 years with focus on Asia Pacific operation. He also had 13 years in sales and marketing experiences and held a senior management position in an international management service company to develop and to manage joint venture projects in Shanghai, China.
Expertise and experiences in change management, cross cultural integration, strategic sales and executive coaching.
Has consulted and trained various multi-national companies with diverse Asian regions participants from management level to senior executives and directors.




English, Cantonese and Japanese

Important Projects

• Oil industry: Sales management and account management in Singapore
• Automotive industry: Sales strategy and distribution integration in China, India and Japan
• Banking and finance industry: Relationship selling and customer services in Singapore and Hong Kong
• Logistic industry: Account profiling, strategic sales and account management in China, Japan, Korea, SEA, Australia
• IT & Telecom industry: Strategic sales and distribution management in Singapore, Malaysia, China
• Medical & Pharmaceutical industry: Performance and talent development in Singapore, SEA, Hong Kong and China
• Chemical industry: R&D leadership and competency development in Singapore and China
• Manufacturing: Performance coaching and leadership in China, Thailand and Malaysia
• FMCG industry (cosmetic, food and apparel): Team performance and leadership, executive coaching in Singapore, SEA, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan

Relevant Training

Windsor University Canada, Bachelor of Commerce, 1982

Typical Motoaki: Passionate, proactive, multi-culture