Frantz Buchot


Triggering sustainable behavioural changes requires a good balance between support and challenge. This is Frantz’s aims when delivering workshops and trainings.
By alternating moments of reflection and role-playing, stepping back and practicing, Frantz enables each participant to both find out and work on points of improvement while capitalising on strengths.
Focusing more on skills than knowledge Frantz favours a practical and pragmatic approach to address daily challenges.
Within Business Impact Frantz is involved in coaching assignments & training sessions.




French and English

Important Projects

• Merck Group, Negotiation and Sales effectiveness programs.
• Richemont Group, Customer Experience workshops and programs.
• LVMH Group, Sales effectiveness, and coaching programs.
• Boccard Groupe, Strategic selling programs

Relevant Training

Finance and Business Management

Typical Frantz: humorous, extravert and people oriented