Jacques van Eijs


At home in different cultures

I’ve lived in different countries Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, child of a French mother and a Dutch father. Work experience in Austria, Belgium, Burundi, Benin, Canada, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, UK, USA.

Dedicated to learning, sharing, teaching

I’ve lived and worked in many cultures, explored different industries and mastered multiple roles professionally – but there is one constant in my live: I always enjoyed helping people to grow as a coach, trainer, mentor or manager. And I always enjoyed to acquire new skills myself. Currently I adapt “a course in miracles” (famous book on spiritual transformation) to my coaching approach and I started with Salsa.

Passion for Sports

Physical activity is key to my wellbeing. I practice(d) with passion soccer (UEFAB trainer), hockey, athletics, swimming and skiing (active Swiss ski tutor) and hiking.




French and English

Important Projects

  • Mc Kinsey Company; Coaching
  • Cabinet Didisheim; Coaching
  • Libertad- Board Room ; Training& Coaching
  • SAS Institute NV/SA; Strategic Consultancy

Typical Jacques: In the future Emotional and Spiritual Quotient are as important metrics as IQ.