Silja Voordeckers


As a business consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach, Silja combines years ofsuccessful business experience in various sectors and certified knowledge of Neurocognitivism, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) , Appreciative Inquiry, personality typing, with a Business Economic thinking cap and strong didactics,

Silja’s  strength lies in detecting patterns & helping people grow by offering other angles for introspection.
Silja keeps them on their toes to produce tangible and lasting results. This way, professionals and their teams are helped to discover and capitalise on their talents and intrinsic capabilities.

Participants to Silja’s trainings and coachings in the field of people management and commercial excellence often refer to it as a pivotal point in their career or personal development.

It is what it is, you decide how you react to it




Dutch, French and English

Important Projects

  • SAP Sales Ecellence (B & Nl)
  • Siemens, Communication with impact (NL)
  • SigmaConso, Sales training (B, F, NL, I)
  • NN insurance, Sales & Management (B)
  • Belgoprocess, leiderschap, alle niveaus (B)
  • MobileXpense, communication and collaboration (B, NL, Ro)
  • Roche Diagnostics, leading change (Belgium, Europe and LatAm)
  • Campari, Managing People with Passion (Belgium, Milano, UK, Europe)

Relevant Training

  • Master in Applied Economics @KULeuven
  • Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Foundation, Design & Facilitation
  • Practitioner in Neurocognitism
  • Certified DISC & Lumina