Francesco De Tommasi


His competencies originate from the continuous formation as a coach and behavioral trainer working for an international training Company merged with further studies and courses. As a trainer and a coach Francesco is driven by pragmatism and participants can expect a constant drive to turn ideas into actions. He believes that every person (and as manager more than others) needs to have a clear understanding of his/her personal value system in order to be more efficient and behaving accordingly. To become a valuable human being and even an inspirational leader we need to align doing, thinking and being based on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and its applications.




Italian and English

Important Projects

• Novartis OTC: Change management project
• Barilla: Leadership program
• Janssen: Supporting Sales Force in change management process
• Icap Sira: Aligning Vision, Mission and Culture at all levels
• GSK: Leadership & management, turning values into actions

Relevant Training

• EQ Assessor – Six Seconds
• UEQ: Unlocking EQ
• EQPC: EQ Practitioner certified
• BCP: Brain Profile certified
• LVS: Leadership Vital Signs certified

Typical Francesco: To develop individuals’ professionalism in order to make work life a beautiful experience