Simona Barbry


Training with Simona promises easy rapport with the group and a solid bond as she knows how to put everyone at ease at the moment she enters the room. Simona has strong group communication skills, which are very useful in her coaching and consulting career. Simona understands that every company is only as successful as its human capital. She is trained in psycho diagnostic tools (based on scientifically validated psychology) which are needed to offer reliable results and analysis in a number of key areas: personality profile, stress and pressure management abilities, communication, verbal and abstract thinking skills. This multi factor personality profile is based on MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) principles and enlarged in 4 further bipolar scales, so it is able to describe 6561 personality types.

Simona is helping Czech-and multinational Companies to grow on world markets.

Simona gives master classes to help managers, employees and entrepreneurs to adopt a series of practices that sparkle their Charisma and to acknowledge the Art of Personal Magnetism in order to grow their impact on people in business context. Being the type of person “you might meet for a minute, but remember for a lifetime” is not a shortcut. It is conscious state of mind. Social skills leading to charismatic appearance dramatically increase the impact of any managerial and leadership style. And all of it is evidence based and science driven.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It’s the courage to continue that counts. (Winston S. Churchill)




Czech and English

Important Projects

Volvo Trucks: Ongoing Training and Coaching
TP Vision: Ongoing coaching
Ravak: Training and Coaching
European Retail Consulting: Consulting
Czech Mint Office: Ongoing Training
Chamber of Commerce: Training, Coaching, Consulting

Relevant Training

Management and Economy of Tourism, Hotel Management, Gestalt Approach in Business and Organizations, Biodynamic Body Psycho Therapy (ongoing)

Typical Simona: Open-Minded, Engaged & Fun