José Luis Sánchez-Ramade


After a marketing and sales career in consumer products companies, José Luis joined the training world in 1994. He´s passionate about his job and still works with the energy of the first day. He created the figure of the “Brain Gym”, skills pills focused in management and sales topics and José Luis has worked with more than 100 companies in Spain and South America. With him you will have a very confrontative training because his motto is “an iron hand in a silk glove”. And as a former rugby player, he will never forget the importance of team spirit values.




Spanish, English, Portuguese

Important Projects

• BBVA, “Dirigir Motivando” leadership trainings since 2005.
• BBVA, “Commercial effectiveness”, privat banking sales training since 2016.
• CAP GEMINI, “Dirigir Motivando”, leadership training since 2000.
• SAP, “Brain Gyms”, leadership and sales skill pills since 2008.
• “MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL”, “Managing for impact”, leadership training since 2010.
• HEINEKEN, “Brain Gyms”, leadership and sales skills pills since 2020.

Relevant Training

• Law degree.
• MBA by de “Instituto de empresa, IE”.

Typical José: No pain, no gain