Janusz Ślęzak


Janusz has a wide experience as he worked for a numerous projects as a consultant, trainer and coach. He specializes in sales, management and leadership programs. Janusz sales and management career started in 1991. After being successful in sales he became a Sales Director and spent 14 years managing, selling, training sales staff and designing sales approach methodologies for different global companies of different branches. He has attended numerous trainings and seminars as a participant and trainer. Since 2006, he workes as a training consultant. Janusz designed and implemented management and sales trainings for different branches including automotive, IT, Telecom, pharma, clinical research organizations, production, logistics, financial sector, large multiple retailers, military, and aviation.




Polish and English

Important Projects

Inwido Leadership Programme.
Volvo Truck Poland, Lithuania – sales and management training
Citroen sales training
Siemens consultative selling training
Nespresso – sales management training, coaching executives
Carrefour – management training
Avon – management and effectiveness training

Relevant Training

M.Sc Biology (Immunology) – Jagiellonian University Kraków, Poland 1975 – 1980.
PhD – micropaleontology – Jagiellonian University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 1990.

Typical Janusz: sharing, open for others, creative and exemplary